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Frequently Asked Questions

The first set of questions are primarily for players interested in the league:

Q: How is the League Structured?

A: The Bristol Recreation Co-Ed Volleyball League is a Recreational League. It is not designed or chartered to be a Tournament Style League. Players are encouraged to participate for the chance to play structured, recreational volleyball. The league is comprised of beginner to intermediate players who join the league as individuals and are then placed on teams which are formed at the start of the season from the pool of players.

Q: Who is eligible to play?

A: Any adult over the age of 18 who is no longer in High-School and is rated below Level BB.

Section A.6 of the Bylaws (link to the PDF file is on the homepage) explains eligibility fully.

Q: How does one join the league?

A: Players who are interested should follow this link for more information. Preference is given to Bristol Residents.

Q: How does one enter a team into the league?

A: The League does not admit pre-formed teams.

Q. Are there rules and referees?

A: The league follows the general rules of play as specified by the Official United States Volleyball Rules, as approved by USA Volleyball, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Certain rules have been amended or ignored to accommodate the conditions of  the league. The league employs trained referees for both divisions.

The last  set of questions are primarily for players already in the league:

Q: As a player, how do I achieve Playoff Eligibility?

A: In order to meet playoff eligibility, a player must have actively participated in 50% of the scheduled games during the course of the season. Paid injured reserve players are excluded, provided they have attended 50% of the scheduled games to act as a ghost-substitute (i.e. they may serve the ball then step off the court).

Q: Who is responsible for Setting Up/Breaking Down the Nets?

A: The first teams playing are responsible for equipment setup. It is the Captain’s responsibility to have at least 2 players at the gym at 7 PM for equipment setup. If the nets for the court in which the affected teams are playing are not set-up by 7:15 PM (other than for situations beyond their control) both teams will be assessed 5 points for each 5 minute increment that the court is not ready for play. The last teams playing are responsible for equipment breakdown.

Q: What is the responsibilities of the Line-Judge?

A: Line-Judges are responsible for calling line and service foot faults only. Line judges must be in the proper designated position and remain attentive during the game.

Q: What is the responsibilities of the Down Ref?

A: Responsibilities are directed to net (into and under), center line, and rotation/overlap violations. The down referee may be consulted on line, “touch”, and ceiling faults. They are not permitted to make calls pertaining to ball-handling faults.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for the FAQ, please email us here at:

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